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So today, I went and did my xmas shopping in Zooplus I got the food for Gorgeorus Merlin. Then I got:

-Undercover Mouse (Merlin)
-Scratching mat (Merlin)
-Thrive treat (Merlin)

I got a gift from merlin to my sister (as she always plays with her hands and comes out a bit injured :))

Then I got treats for 2 of my friends dogs and my friends cat. Also for my aunts cats too. Plus 2 extra friend´s cats and another one that has a bird. All to be gift wrapped.

Plus of course, my SS:D

And when I was looking at the reward shop with my points, I realized that u could give 100 zooplus points to a cat rescue (Battershea I think). This is a great way to give too, especially in this lovely season.
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