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Worried about leaving my cat for 2 weeks.

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by kbhenry, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. kbhenry

    kbhenry PetForums Junior

    Jan 11, 2010
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    Hi all,

    We have decided to leave our timid yet fun and affectionate (although only wit us) cat at home and have a pet sitter come in to feed and change his litter once a day while we are away for 2 weeks. We thought this was better then putting him in a cattery as we have only had him for 4 month and we got him from a rescue centre where he had been in a cage for 6 months.

    Anyway, I am worried about leaving him as he follows me around the house all day usually and loves cuddles every night. Our cat feeder is lovelly but he is so shy she can't get near him. I really think he may go stir crazy on his own for 2 weeks. What do you think?

    Perhaps I should get the cat feeder to come in the evenings too or even stay a couple of nights?
  2. jill3

    jill3 PetForums VIP

    Feb 18, 2009
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    Yes i think i would get somebody to come in the evenings too. Also if you can, it would be great to get somebody to stay a couple of nights or even longer.
    We have done this in the past.
    We have 3 cats so they do have company.
    The other thing is if you are going to worry about him and that might affect your holiday then i would put him in a cattery.
    You will know where he is and he will be very safe and it is only for 2 weeks.
    I am going through a nightmare at the moment with one of mine that has gone walk about. When he decides to return he will have to go into a cattery as i cannot trust him.
  3. coco-flo

    coco-flo PetForums Junior

    Sep 11, 2009
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    I have yet to decide about catterys, as i have just been on holiday and my kids still live at home so they looked after our cats and dogs. But i am sure when the time comes they may have to go in the cattery!!
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