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I want the new soup chef to be....

  • Magik

    Votes: 5 38.5%
  • vixenelite

    Votes: 8 61.5%
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Ok.. as some of you are aware there has been discussions over my soup cooking ability and it was brought to my attention that some of you were not happy with my service and thought a new soup chef should be appointed.

I have asked around have only had one person interested in replacing me...

I do understand some of you are happy with my soup and service therefor I will be going head to head in a vote with this person : vixenelite

All I can say to defend my position as soup chef is that I have served you loyally since this forum started and I am the original creator of the soup of the day. Without me none of this would be happening and I always wash my hands!

vixenelite promises to bring you a new exciting range of soups and says she will offer a second vegetarian choice when soups such as chicken are served.

Please vote now! Winning chef will do the Soup of the day thread from this day forth!


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Personally i think it would be better to have the two of create a menu:D

& then we could vote on which we thought was the better:cool:

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i agree why not both, we could have more of a choice then
as some of magik well make the dogs ill lol lol

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no this is a head to head vote!! stop kopping out! Neither of us will be offended if we lose - just vote!!!
1 - 20 of 76 Posts
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