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who should I take???

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by sid&kira, Mar 31, 2011.


who should i take??

  1. Kira

  2. Grey

  3. Keyusha

  1. sid&kira

    sid&kira PetForums VIP

    Oct 15, 2009
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    I cant and dont want to have to choose!!!

    Im going to a dog show day thingy at suffolk showground in March, OH is off work but wont come as he doesnt get many days off work. I cant handle all 3 dogs as there will be tonnes of other dogs around and I also want to try some of the activities, and wont have someone to handle the other 2. He is gunna take the 2 left behind up to his mums to play with her dogs, and for a wander (maybe a jog) around the woods.

    So Kira:

    old enough to do agility, bombproof with other dogs (gets on with all of them, no exceptions), fairly easy to handle.


    old enough to do agility but takes exception to some other dogs when onlead, a bit harder to handle than Kira but not too bad


    Good with all other dogs (shes so much like Kira), so light shes dead easy to handle (the easiest), but to young to do agility (have to be a year old) Has cuteness factor that could win her a rosette in a show lol

    Grey had one on one time with me when Kira was spayed, Kira hasnt had any since Grey came (except for when i take them out on the long lead), Keyu hasnt had any yet.

    So hard to decide :cryin:

    so who would you take and why??
  2. francesandjon

    francesandjon PetForums VIP

    Jun 3, 2009
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    Kira or Grey......

    Kira - she sounds like the best choice

    Grey - might help with the on-lead problem ?

    ETA - I voted for Grey....to help his problem
  3. AmberNero

    AmberNero PetForums VIP

    Jun 6, 2010
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    First instict would be totake Kira for quality time, but thats a human way of looking at things- so I think getting to know Keyusha better and getting her used to you and trusting you more would be more beneficial
  4. Cleo38

    Cleo38 PetForums VIP

    Jan 22, 2010
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    LOL, just seen they now all have 1 vote each!

    I would take Kira. As she is ok with other dogs, able to compete in the agility you will get the most from the day. Also she can have some 1-2-1 time with you.

    Maybe take Grey to a smaller show where he can get used to an event such as a dog show, same with Keyusha.
  5. Milliepoochie

    Milliepoochie PetForums VIP

    Feb 13, 2011
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    What a dilema! I have already told the OH he is going to the HULA open day in May (As it will be brilliant for Makita to meet other dogs etc!) and there is no way I would handle both in that environment!

    I Reckon Keyusha as she is the youngest and you say you have had least 1 to 1 time with her.:)

    Good Luck deciding!
  6. sid&kira

    sid&kira PetForums VIP

    Oct 15, 2009
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    Both Kira and Grey have done fun shows, but on a smaller scale.

    Keyu is the easiest to handle, but I doubt i can convince them that she's a year old, so would have to sit out agility, but cute puppies win shows lol

    Argggg!!! Never should have got more than one dog lol
  7. Terrier Fan

    Terrier Fan PetForums VIP

    Oct 20, 2008
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    I voted for Keyusha :)
    She can't do any agility but it would be a good chance for you to socialise her and have some one on one time.

    Also it may be easier for your OH's mum to have the older two.
  8. casandra

    casandra PetForums VIP

    Aug 1, 2008
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    Still plenty of time for the newbie to settle in and go to shows and what not in the future, I think Kira needs some special one to one time and a fun day out ^____^ :p Though, Keyu would be my second choice as she could probably do with the socialization...
  9. portiaa

    portiaa PetForums VIP

    Dec 10, 2010
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    Kira- She need some 1 to 1 time with you, is great with dogs and can do agility!

    second choice would be Keyusha as you can do abit of socialising with her, have some one on one time to get to know her abit better.

    Who ever you take-good luck! Your mum might find it easier to handle the older 2? :)
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