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Who has gerbils?

Discussion in 'Small Animal Photo Galleries' started by Once upon a gerbil (or 2), Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Once upon a gerbil (or 2)

    Once upon a gerbil (or 2) PetForums Junior

    Aug 8, 2018
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    Hello! Just out of interest, how many of you have gerbils?
    I have two boys, a honey cream named Rico and a REW (Red-eyed white) named Max which are both pictured below. I've had them for a year next month but they were two months when I got them :)
    Max is the cheeky one, he bit for a while, is very energetic, climbs the cage and can be a bit of a pain sometimes but is very sweet!
    Rico is the calm one, he likes to sit on your hand, he's quite lazy and doesn't do much excercise and can get a bit on the larger side, he nibbled a bit to start but it was actually quite cute, Rico can also be a bit of pain but he is so sweet!
    They are very different but they get along very nicely and groom each other nearly every day :)

    I will upload a picture on another post, sorry!

    Once upon a gerbil (or 2) x
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