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Everytime I Google I just get loads of news articles and its difficult to decipher exactly WHAT the election is for. Wikipedia tells me the next GENERAL election is no later than 2015, does anybody happen to know what this current election is for?

Thanks :eek:

We are all Ukraine
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I should think the generalone is coming..and Partido Popular is trying to score points choking Gibraltar aka 6 hours frontier queues...denying our rights to our waters OFFICIALLY!...
at the same time begging britian for more and more many for their totally corrupted economy...

who knows history of Spain knows it was ruled by absolute monarchs and little later by Franco...and it took till 2007 when Zapatero officially condemned Franco's regime....his grandfather being one of the victims...

I hope for election pretty soon...
PP was the gov who blamed Basks for the attack on the trains in Madrid...before they even established who was to blame....
as soon as possible please..we do not dare to take our car to Spain nowadays...
our only fault being that we want to stay British...and seeing how things across the frontier..who can blame us?

over 7000 Spaniards work in Gib...PP does not care how that affect them...

and you complain about Cameron...!!!!!
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