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This afternoon I decided to dig out the treadmill. I've not used it for the dogs for ages. I set it up and decided to give the dogs a go on it they haven't been on it for about 12 months as I don't really have room for it. I used to use it for the bitches when they were in season as a way of exercising it.

Of the whippets Owen Bandit and Simba easily got the idea Amber sort of got the idea of what to do. Angel, Tegan Archie and Holly refused to do anything but stand there and fall of the end. They did have the emergency stop cable attached to their leads so it went of before they came of the end. I didn't bother trying Freyja and Jasper. Button wouldn't have anything to do with it and I didn't try William as he is too big and can't get both ends on anyway.

Zoe on the other hand after a bit of an ify start quickly got the hang of it and was quite happy to trot along going nowere fast:D

So who is the most intelligent Zoe for getting the hang of it or the hounds for refusing to even think about going on it?

I will say the only 2 that have been on it before are Owen and Bandit.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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