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When you lose your patience

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Nellybelly, May 27, 2010.

  1. Nellybelly

    Nellybelly PetForums VIP

    Jul 20, 2009
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    Fortunately this post has not been prompted by Bella causing my patience to run short recently...but at some point all, or most dogs, have the ability to play on our patience.

    How do you react when this happens?

    WHen we walk on lead I let Bella sniff, but sometimes she just gets overly persistent and wont keep walking. I have a thing, just a strange personal thing, that I can't pull a dog on the lead (even though she is on a harness). So I use a treat and get her attention, but when it comes to walking on she wants back at the smell. This is where I do get a little frustrated. I just pick her up (she is under 7kg so this is easy to do) and walk on a few etsp before putting her down again. Sometimes, while picking her up, I do believe I have uttered a few not so nice things under my breath.

    When Bella is off lead she is almost always a pleasure. Most of our walks are off lead so this works out great actually. But, there are times when she finds something on the floor which she believes belongs in her mouth when really it doesnt. I am so proud of her and our training together as she will not run off, but will stop with the object in her mouth. I can get her to drop as well...just when I think all is well and we are walking on, she quickly runs back and gets the thing in her mouth again (usually poo or a bit of a dead bird or soemthing equally charming!). This time after she has dropped, nd I have given her as treat, I stand in what I assume must be a rather frightening position for little Bella, and point my finger away from the yucky thing she wants to eat and quite loudy tell her "GO FORWARD"...she has yet to disobey.

    and the worst of all, when she rolls in carcasses or ****. This is most annoying when I catch her before she has done the deed, but I know she is so close to rolling that my voice and running towards her or away from her will have no effect. Our off lead walks are usually by car. I know that I have to get a flithy very stinky dog ito my car, and drive back home, and bath her.
    Half the time I am angry because I know if I had seen the dead thing before her, a firm "leave it" would have prevented the disaster, but once she has seen it and is right near, no command will do anything. Poor girl has heard some horrible thinsgc oem out of mommy's mouth on the drive home ebfore her bath, at not the quitest of volumes....but once she is bathed it is all over. I now she is not being naughty, it's just natural for her...btu it still makes me soo mad!

    Having read the above, I am truly blessed with Bella. If this is all she does to make my patience run short she is such a good girl and I must have done something right with all her training!
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