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When will my little lady have her litter??

Discussion in 'Cat Breeding' started by anna_rose81, May 29, 2010.

  1. anna_rose81

    anna_rose81 PetForums Newbie

    May 27, 2010
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    Hi fellow cat lovers :)
    I need help!! I have a lovely little girl cat, Crumpet, that was left with me. I've only ever had tom cats so bringing up a girl is all new too me and now she is pregnant for the second time...

    I've been reading lots of threads and advice on the internet but thought I might have a go at singing out for help from some experts - all of you!!

    So I'll explain Crumpet's situation: as I said she was left with me and a few weeks later he belly kept growing...and growing! she gave birth to 3 gorgeous kittens in december but sadly only one survived :( The vet explained it because mum was very young and a didn't know what she is was doing. Nor did I!
    The little one that did survive though is a happy healthy kitty now and has a lovely new home in the country with a good friend of mine.

    I had her all booked and ready to the vets to be de-sexed but crumpet had other ideas and bolted out the door the day she saw the cat cage and didn't come back for a few nights. This causing me to miss the vets appointment and end up with her PREGNANT again!! I am big on responisble pet ownership and having had four tom cats in my young 30 years I've always had my boys de-sexed so please no (or not too many!) mean comments about not getting her fixed - it tried!!

    So, the time has gone on and from memory I think she is close to around 60ish days from when she ran off. The babies and kicking and moving lots inside her beautiful belly but naturally I am worried something will happen to her kittens again? From what I read been a second time mum will go in her favor too.
    My concerns are that I just don't know when she will go into labor?! She really didn't nest much at all last time and had her litter in the middle of my bed!!
    We've taken her temp for the past 3 days - day 1 37.8, day 2 37.6 but today it was back up at 38.2!
    She was scratching around behind the couch this morning too but now she's just back to laying in the middle of the lounge room where she has been for the past week? Her nipples are out and very pink and when I give them a little sqeeze I think there's a tiny bit of milk?
    Last time i did catch her when she had a show and that happened only a few hours before she had the kittens. She didn't labor for long at all last time - I was at the shops when she had the first one but the second and third were born within half an hour of each.

    I'm all ready this time with heat pads, dental floss (in case I had to tie cords), heaps of towels and lots of premium kitten food for mum but now I really need some help and advising when she may just go into labor!!
    She isn't eating a lot, she'll just lay in the middle of the floor sleeping, wonder out for a bite every couple of hours and come back to the middle of the floor. she is quite happy to have pats and cuddles though.

    Another question for all the cat experts out there - should my other boy cat bother her at the fragile time? I would have thought yes (he is fixed though so he's not the daddy!) but as i said, last time she had her babies in the middle of my bed and when i got home and saw it all taking place my boy cat was on the bed with her sleeping! (typical man!). I would have thought she'd want him far away but it did not faze her.

    Well I think I've ranted on long enough !! I have uploaded some pics of crumpet and her belly hoping someone might be able to help? She is naturally a small little cat though and she wouldnt even be 2 years old yet.
    I can see the little babies kicking and squirming and I'm sure we could only see this right before she went into labor last time??

    Any help and advice is truely appreciated from this worried wanna-be aussie midwife!!
    Ps: I also read somewhere cats wont have their babies if it is cold?? Well I'm in southern australia and very cold is an understatment!!

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  2. billyboysmammy

    billyboysmammy PetForums VIP

    Sep 12, 2009
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    anytime in the next 5-7 days is my guess.

    However... I know you have said you realise you made a mistake but for the benefit of other people reading this thread (its an open forum and so non-members) are most definatly going to read it.

    Your girl had issues with her first litter, born only in december. Yes it was more likely due to her being a first time young mum, but not necessarily. She must have been mated on her First call since having the kittens :(. In essence she has had a back to back mating. This means she has literally had No time to recover her condition from the stresses of the first pregnancy and lactation before she was carrying the 2nd litter.

    It was irresponsible of you to allow her to escape and it was irresponsible of you not to have her speyed the minute she came back from her wanderings.

    Now... with that said.

    If you think she is on day 60, then she would be due in approx 5 days, but it could be anything up to 5 days either side.

    I would keep the boy away until she has had the litter and they are becoming mobile... its certainly not worth stressing her out, especially as she lost some of her first litter.

    As for the cold seasons. Indoor cats will often continue to call throughout the year as the cold weather doesnt effect them. Your girl though was in call from having her first litter...All queens come back into call after having a litter, no matter what the season is.
  3. lizward

    lizward PetForums VIP

    Feb 29, 2008
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    Somehow I suspect your definition of cold is a bit different from ours - what outdoor temperature are we talking about?

    I find my girls always stop calling in the autumn and don't call again until at least the end of December (northern hemisphere), this means they can and do naturally go anything up to seven months between calls (but will make up for it once the Spring comes!)

    There are three signs to watch out for and you have one of them. The others are that the cat's shape will change anything from one to five days before birth - the kittens are carried lower down which makes the cat look thinner from on top. The other is that she starts urgently looking for somewhere to have them. When she does that, she is about to get under way.

  4. Tje

    Tje Banned

    Jan 16, 2010
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    In your position I would put the mother cat in a room alone when you’re not at home, when you’re at home she can have the run of the place. Obviously everything she needs would have to be in that room, and it would have to be a room she felt comfortable in. Personally I wouldn’t allow the neutered tom to be with the expectant mother when you’re not there to supervise. So either the mother in a room of her own, or at the very least a door separating the two cats.

    And now would be a great time to make a plan for getting the mother cat spayed, and to think of how you can prevent her escaping in some way in the weeks after the kittens are born. You really must make sure this cat doesn’t get pregnant a 3rd time … the toll on her doesn’t bear thinking about. If she could bolt out of a door when she saw a cat carrier last time, have you taken measures to ensure she can’t bolt out the door after the kittens are born?
  5. colliemerles

    colliemerles PetForums VIP

    Nov 2, 2007
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    what a pretty girl she is good luck with the litter when its born,i hope it all goes ok, there is usually someone on here if you need any help or advise,
  6. anna_rose81

    anna_rose81 PetForums Newbie

    May 27, 2010
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    Thanks to all who've replied and share their opinions.

    I'd also like to apologise to you all as well: I understand you're all serious cat breeders and this is your passion. I can understand your disgust/anger in my "irresponsible" cat ownership. I'M SORRY!!

    Stories of animal neglect and abuse totally blow me away and make my heart ache. I'm not one of those people.
    I took on a cat that was going to be taken to the local cat centre which is already overloaded with cats and kittens. Of course now I have contributed to the problem by allowing her to be become pregnant again so don't worry - I feel awful and guilty and if I could change it I would - but I can't - so i just want to help the poor little girl as much as I can, plus help her litter when they arrive so they survive this time and I dont have to bury two perfect little babies again. That was extremely hard and I dont want to have to put my cat especially, or myself, through that again.

    Um, cold here? anywhere between 3*celcius - 12*celcius?

    I'm not a breeder, I know nothing about when cats "call" and I know nothing about back to back matings? This is why I am on here trying to ask people who actually know what they're doing to help me...please?

    Thanks heaps for the guess on when she will have her litter and the advice given. I think her tummy has dropped a bit too? Being a mummy to the two legged kind as well I have been looking for signs in my cat (sorry - queen - see? I'm trying to use the correct wording!) that i had in my own pregnancy!

    Thankfully my partner is on leave for the next week too so there will be someone at home 24/7 - we won't leave the little girl...all we want is the best care we can give her and her babies.

    Again, thanks very much for the advice and words of wisdom. I can tell you are all very passionate about what you do and your cats so I will update you on her progess.
    She most certainly will be spayed after this litter. I dont want to go through this again let alone put my cat through it! Kittens may be cute but they cost a lot of time and money to look after - plus the extra care and expenses on mum too. Then most importantly - these kittens also need homes!
    Personally, I'd prefer to have her spayed for $120 rather than stress myself, my partner and my cats with all of the above!
    In the mean time though - i have got myself in this situation and I will get myself out of it - and not by dumping mum and kittens in a cat shelter. Pets of any kind are for life :)
    Thanks again

    ANGELICFERRETS PetForums Newbie

    Feb 21, 2010
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    Some people are a little harsh with there responses its one of those things and if no moggies bred there would not be any, yes were over populated with cats, but this was a mistake so stop being so mean to her. and just give the advise she asked for. At least the cat was booked in.
    As long as you can be responsible enough to say if once the kittens are rehomed if it doesnt work out in any of the homes you'll take them back.

    Now i guess everyone will gang up on me.
  8. Aurelia

    Aurelia PetForums VIP

    Apr 29, 2010
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    With regards to the spay being booked and missed, there was NOTHING stopping the OP from taking her for it once the cat came back, even up to a week later (some vets will even spay beyond that (that being a possible pregnancy)).

    No one is being mean! and she is getting the advice she has asked for :)
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