When to introduce a new chicken?

Discussion in 'Poultry Chat' started by susan_1981, May 11, 2016.

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    Sadly last night, a fox got into our chicken coop and managed to get one of our two chickens. I feel horrible. I know these things happen and my husband has said it's just one of those things, the circle of life, blah blah blah but I feel sad thinking about what our poor chicken went through. I'd make a rubbish farmer ha!

    Anyway my remaining chicken is unharmed but clearly traumatised as she won't come out if the hutch.

    So now I just have 1 chicken, I'm going to need to get another. When do you think I should do this? I had pecking order problems with previous chickens which was a nightmare but would it be an idea to get one today where she isn't quite herself or should I wait a bit?
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    Sorry to hear that. It's always best, if you have the space, to have a little threesome, that way if one dies unexpectedly (and hens can sometimes) you still have two left. As for introducing a new one, I was always advised to introduce a new one after dark so the resident hen has already spent a night with the new one before actually seeing her? Good luck anyway.
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    Aw sorry :( I always put my coop on concrete so the foxes can't dig in (don't know how your fox got in but just some advice) Dog hair also scares them away. As for new chickens, I would suggest you being there for the first introduction. as you only have one chicken it should be less of a power struggle as they will quickly get to know each other. Maby give them both treats so the associate each other with happy times. If there is any pecking and feather problems . Some solutions... 1.vaseline for the combs to protect and keep healthy from pecking
    2.extra protein( mealworms maby), help feathers grow back from being pecked
    3.applecidre vinager in the water helps feathers grow back
    4.supplements from the pet store ( like some sort of 'Verm X' thing, you can get different kinds ) also help with it

    Good luck !!

    Also as long as you socialise with your chickens , you can be part of her flock , hence she won't be so lonely.