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When!?? How!??

Discussion in 'Dog Breeding' started by DevilDogz, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. DevilDogz

    DevilDogz Guest

    For all the responsible breeders out there..

    When and What made you choose the breed that you are breeding and how did you get into it!

    Just something i always wondered..i know only a handful of breeders on here i personally would call responsible..
    Just wondered what was it about your breed that made you decide to have them!!

    We personally was never going to breed and the first two cresteds we owned were pets and still are our pets and always will be!!

    Was your first dog of your choosen breed a pet or did you always have in mind that you was going to breed!?
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  2. sallyanne

    sallyanne Guest

    Our first was a rescue SBT,a black brindle dog he was lovely.

    We got hooked on the breed and brought in a pup to show,met a great friend and mentor through a friend in the breed and learn't so much from him.
    What he doesn't know you can write on a postage stamp! Lol ;)

    So that's how we got started :)

    After we lost her we brought another two bitches and then bred from those,the last litter we bred was nearly 14 years ago,we brought a well bred bitch 3 years ago with plans to breed,they went pear shaped and so I still have nothing to continue with at the moment.
  3. bucksmum

    bucksmum PetForums Senior

    Jul 19, 2009
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    We breed labradors as my husband needs gundogs for his job(gamekeeper)and by breeding our own we can ensure that all health tests have been done and the pups reared and wormed correctly and fed the best quality food.We only breed when we need a puppy to continue our line so can spend many months hunting round for the most suitable stud with compatible pedigree.It is still quite shocking how many labradors are still being bred without even tthe most basic of health checks(hips/eyes) and if the kennel club didn't allow the offspring of these dogs to be registered maybe breeders would think twice,but that's another argument.
  4. Indie

    Indie PetForums VIP

    Nov 6, 2007
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    My uncle also breeds Labs he's a gamekeeper to and also goes beating.
  5. pommum

    pommum PetForums Senior

    Jun 16, 2008
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    My mum & nan had poms when I was a little girl, the last pom my nan had was called Pom and he was killed in his own back garden by a free roaming SBT, he was killed right in front of my nan which left her in hospital for a while with a heart attack and shock. She could never face having another dog after him, the wardens found the SBT that had done the damage to poor little Pom and it was PTS as it had caused problems to alot of people on my nan's estate. My mum then bought herself another pom who lived with us for 12 yrs just as a pet my mum was never interested in the breeding side or showing side. When I met my OH and got married we decided to get a pom too, which is Riot. After going to a show with a friend in Bassett's I was hooked I wanted to do it too, So we saved up to by ourselves our first show quality pom pup, which is Guinevere she was our foundation bitch, she showed for me for a couple of years and qualified for Crufts at her first Ch show I then decided I wanted to breed her to start my own Kennels I bred her and I got 2 puppies in the litter one being Arwin and her brother who I sold to a pet home as he wasn't interested in being a show dog were as Arwin loved it and still does. And the rest as they say is history LOL.

    Take care
  6. Freyja

    Freyja PetForums VIP

    Jun 28, 2008
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    We had had GSD's before and although never went to 'proper' shows went went to companion shows and regulary went best in show with him. He was not kc registered so we couldn't show him properly. Then Ben decided he wanted to show but obviously could not handle such a big dog. I didn't want a terrier or a toy breed and a friend of ours had whippets. We found Jasper advertised in the local paper and although not entirely what we were after he wee'd on OH's knee when we went to see him so OH said it was a sign that we had to have him. We then had a race bred whippet who was a monster he could jump anything including the 6ft fence around out garden which resulted in him escaping onot a main road. He was rehomed to some one who was after an older whippet to live with their cat Merlin was used to cats and we still hear from them occasionaly and he's never jumped their fence.

    I decided I wanted a show bred to go into showing properly so Owen came to us from Ireland. He was closely followed by Tegan who was out foundation bitch and then by Bandit. We decided we wanted to bred out own line so on my breeders reccommendation used Bandit on Tegan which gave us Rosie she was a miss marked parti and as such was constantly knocked in the show ring but she gave us out Angel(not) We then used Owen on Tegan the dog we chose to keep pulled a testicle back up and would not drop it again so he went to a pet home. We decided to do a repeat mating which gave us the ASBO twins Amber and Simba.

    I say all this but was yesterday told that I had been accused of being a puppy farmer by someone who goes to ringcraft because I have 3 different breeds and always seem to have pups is what they say.This person had told another woman she would never reccomend me to someone after a whippet as I was a puppy farmer. Yes I did have 4 pups 2 I bred the ABSO twins Holly who was a gift of my breeder and Archie who is a gift of a friend who I gave a dog too. I have been in whippets for 9 years and have bred 4 litters. If I was a puppy farmer would I have used the crufts CC winner on one of my bitches when I could have quite easily have used 1 of my own dogs? I have never bred irish setters and never would and although I have a greyhound dog and a bitch both entire I would never cross the racing and show lines.
  7. basi

    basi PetForums Senior

    Nov 9, 2007
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    I grew up in the world of dogs and dog showing with 2 breeds, Basenjis and Norwegian Buhunds. When I got married we decided to go for the Basenji as our first dog together. I will get another Buhund one day as I would really like to have a go at obedience and agility which the Basenjis find all terribly boring:rolleyes:
  8. sequeena

    sequeena PetForums VIP

    Apr 30, 2009
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    I'll never be a breeder - I would become too attached, I haven't got the money and Sky is worth more to me than any pup she could have. I salute breeders who are responsible because I could never do it myself :)
  9. nat1979

    nat1979 PetForums VIP

    Jan 2, 2009
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    I have worked with dogs since i was 16 from working with the racing greyhounds to vets to boarding kennels

    I got my first dog when i was 17 a racing greyhound who i got when she was 3 through injury on the track i had her untill she had a very bad stroke and had to pts it broke my heart
    While i had her i got myself a whippet she was 7 months when i got her as i wanted to try showing but did not enjoy it so she was a pet
    I had a litter out of her when she 4 1/2 i kept the first bitch she had both girls in my picture

    I then had a friend tell me that her friend had a whippet x she was only 6 wks old and was the only one left to be rehomed so i got her and then i got lilly who was in a right mess when i got her have pictures that i can show you if you are want to see how skiny she was bless her

    I was not going to have no more dogs and then sophie came along thats a long story she was show when she was a pup and had 3 2nd and was qualified for crufts 2009 but i did not show her as she was in a state as well

    So at this time in life i have 5 dogs and wanting more
  10. dexter

    dexter PetForums VIP

    Nov 29, 2008
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    i always wanted a "lassie" after watching all the films, i found them beautiful and intelligent.I bought my first one from a top kennel who suggested i have a litter from her.31 years on i have 6. i only breed when i want one myself to show and have people wanting a pup.However from my last litter i kept 2 males so chances r i won''t have another litter.
  11. noushka05

    noushka05 Unicorn denier. Snowflake. Activist ;)

    Mar 28, 2008
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    i wanted a Siberian husky since i was about 13, but i waited many years to get one until i knew we could devote a lot of time to one. Eventually we got Luna as a pet with no intention to breed, her registration as endorsed with breeding restrictions anyway. But we did a bit of showing with her & i became good friends with her breeders & my passion for the breed grew. We then got Inca from our other friends did some showing with her aswell. We then realised that either one of our bitches would be good enough examples of the breed to have a litter from, so we had them both hip scored & eye tested & we bred Luna, instead of also breeding Inca we decided to keep most of Luna's pups & not breed Inca at all.:)
  12. Nicci

    Nicci Guest

    From a really young age I always had a deep set passion for Bull Breeds, I was reared around Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Toy Poodles, both my Grandparents showed their dogs and ever so occasionally bred them when they needed to keep something back for themselves. I moved into my first property at 16 a few months later I decided I would like a dog, I ended up with two, a rescue Black Labrador Roxanne and a rescued Bulldog, Poppy. When Poppy came to me I was already smitten with the breed, grandad always wanted a Bulldog but because of some of their problems he was always against having one, he also advised me I would be setting myself up for a lot of heartbreak with this breed, looking back he was completely right, as he always was!
    When Poppy passed away, I decided I would like another Bulldog, along came Alfie, who passed away at 10 months old. I then after a certain amount of time, purchased another Bulldog whom I had more than my fair share of problems with, again another youngster who passed away at a relatively young age. By this time I had met my then to be husband, whom also had dogs of his own (St Bernard, and two Lurchers) I also had my own dogs, two Bulldogs and two Dobermans so as you can imagine it was a complete madhouse and such a clash of personalities with all the different breeds we had in the house!
    Obviously time passed our dogs grew old and crossed over to the bridge, but I never stopped owning Bulldogs but by this point I was totally disillusioned with the Bulldog breed as a whole because of all the bad luck we had with them.
    I searched and searched into alternatives and discovered the Olde Tyme Bulldog through looking on the internet Spike joined us in 2001 as a very bouncy 10 month old dog whose owner didn't really know the gem she was sitting on, but neither did we at that point!
    Through making contact with people in the breed, I discovered whom Spikes breeders were I contacted them to let them know I had him and that he was perfectly safe, they asked if they could come visit him and of course we accomodated them, infact they were really shocked at how he had turned out and advised us at that time he was worthy enough to put him to stud and would be a really good asset to at the time a small gene pool, we thought long and hard about things and were not quite sure what to do but with the guidance of Spikes breeders we eventually found a suitable mate which at the time was like searching for diamonds (these dogs, well, well bred ones are really hard to find!)
    Along came our first litter in 2003 after two years of researching lines, making sure they matched and having both the dogs health tested (Hips, heart, eyes) even though there are no formal requirements for the breed, we wanted to do things right to try and improve the 'Bulldog' breed as a whole.
    From that day on we never looked back, even though we now no longer breed these dogs I'm glad I had the experience and peace of mind knowing that I bred healthy Bulldogges.

    I can't ever see me breeding again to be honest even though I loved every second of it, know where all my pups are etc etc, I know deep down I'm not really cut out for this 'breeding' lark and if I am totally honest my heart is no longer in it, why? I don't really know it's not that I have fell out of love with the dogs, the breed etc. I can just see things on a much larger scale, these days I'm quite happy offering dogs a home that have come from rescue situations and if I'm totally honest that is where my heart always lay :)
    But I know as long as my puppies are alive, I will always be a 'breeder' but I would like to think I am retired of all duties now as a 'breeder' :D
    Of course I would always take anyone of my puppies back if they fell on hard times, there would be no questioning about that in my mind - as of yet it's never happened, although I know that peoples circumstances can and often do change :)
  13. Jess2308

    Jess2308 PetForums VIP

    May 12, 2009
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    Well, the labradors are my mums. Her family have always kept them as working dogs and i guess she just loved them from there. We show ours, rather than work them (although a neighbour wants to take our boy out training and on a shoot since he lost his old working dog!) and we breed them to get another showdog for ourselves. Although i do love the labs, its not a breed i imagine i personally will continue breeding and showing, i just help out with my mums and handle hers at shows. We own all the dogs jointly but we do have our "own" dogs if you know what i mean!

    The pugs i have always loved. They are mine. I wanted one since i was about 12 and my mum always refused, said she hated little dogs etc etc. Then a few years ago she met some when we went to Crufts Toy Day and she fell in love with them too and finally i got my very first puggie - Delilah! It went from there, i showed Delilah, she did really well. We found out she had hemivertebra so couldnt be bred from of course, so to have another show dog i'd have to buy one... So thats where Gracie came from, and she has just done so well in the ring, better than i could have dreamed. So our current litter from her is to have my own line with her as the foundation of it as she is such a beautiful girl!! I also have a boy that my mum bought for me from a friend. He is related to Gracie so its a bit of sentimental value there lol

    Then i have the basenji, another breed i've always loved. The history of them is what fascinated me. Its just amazing to think they have hardly changed since they were the pets of the Pharohs in Egypt!! Its been a long wait to finally get a basenji but my baby came home at the beginning of this year!! No thoughts to breeding her yet (nothing in this country that has struck me as suitable to breed her to so i'd have to look into AI which is very complicated...!!!) but will probably be the same situation as Gracie, i will have a litter to have a line from Maya. I already have had several people asking if/when im going to breed from her and if they could be considered for a puppy! She's only 7 months old...!!!lol
  14. cav

    cav PetForums VIP

    May 23, 2008
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    Im not sure if you class me as responsible or not;)

    I had my first cav when i was a child and yes she was a pet only but i was interested interested in the breeding side but never thought of breeding til i was alot older and had done loads of reserch ect.
    I love cavaliers and so many are been churned out by pf and byb and the breed is in a state.
    I will always try my best to produce nice quality pups that are clear of health problems.

    I do like other breeds but cavaliers are my fave i have other breeds that are my pets that i would never breed from:)
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  15. DevilDogz

    DevilDogz Guest

    I forgot i had started this thread! :blush:

    Thank you everyone for your replies..I like to hear what made people choose the breed they did and how and when they decided to breed their first litter...some really good storys above.
    Thank you
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