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Does she rip up her bedding in the house aswel ?? what if you put her indoor bed/bedding in the kennel, would she rip that up too, or do you think she would then realise that is where she is supposed to sleep and use it.

What ever I put in Sailors crate,from dog blankets to old coats to double duvets and old velvet curtains lol he lays on it and loves it, but if I was to lay the same materiel outside his crate, he soon uses it play with, destroy and on the odd occasion as a toilet.. he doesnt seem to associate anything with bedding unless its in his crate where he always sleeps

Maybe she just doesnt see it as a bed if she doesnt use it that often ?
Maybe she is bored and protesting about being locked up, does she also have boredom busting toys/bones in her kennel to keep her occupied
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