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Simple answer: No additives, preservatives - and one protein source.

More lengthy ramble :D:
Many foods on the market claim to be hypoallergenic, but in reality if a dog is going to be allergic to food, it will likely be the largest ingredient - i.e. the meat protein of the carb/grain source - this could also be anything although wheat is often a common one and beef and chicken. But this is purely because these foods were used most commonly in dog foods until more recently.

Some of the 'special' vets sell have a hydrolysed protein source - so the protein is broken down so the body doesnt recognise it and the food normally contains maize or some other less common one as the grain. However, these are usually full of other rubbish such as salt, and the balance of calcium to phosphorouos is also not great, especially for a growing pup for instance. So although hypoallergenic, they are not particularly healthy!
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