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Having tried loads of different brands of kibble and wet I have finally found something that seems to suit all 3 of my dogs - I have 3 BCs, two who seem to be able to eat anything and one who seems to suffer from some low level food allergy as most kibbles seem to eventually make him itch slightly, chew his feet and/or get disgusting breath.

I would like to feed just Raw ideally but as I am on Jersey, sourcing it for a reasonable price and lots of variety is difficult, and I just don't have the freezer space to bulk buy which would reduce the cost slightly.. I do feed some but it makes up around 25% of their diet - I am feeding everyone on Orijen/Acana although am working my way through some Purizon currently (I can happily rotate everyone through the different flavors/types in these brands with no upset tummies which is brill and means I can buy whichever is on offer when I need a bag)

I have read loads of places that feeding raw and kibble together is bad, and just as many places that it is fine, and personally have no problems feeding both together which is what I currently do along with just some kibble for one meal a day. I am always looking for ideas of what else I can offer. - ETA I can only get the nature's menu (mince or nuggets) or price choice locally as a lot of the (really awesome looking :( ) other companys can't courier to here or can only do massive orders so those are my only prepackaged options

Daily they get in various combinations kibble, salmon oil, plaque off, yumove and then either price choice mince or chunks, natures menu nuggets or tinned fish - pilchards or sardines usually. Roughly 1 meal a week is some sort of "proper" raw - Chicken pieces (wings, quarters or necks) or whole sardines or something similar if its on offer on the supermarket.

I typically feed "just" kibble in the morning, usually with the oil and plaque off/yumove, then for tea they have a small amount of kibble with mince/chunks/tinned fish but I'm really looking for other suggestions of what else I can offer them. To give an idea on how much raw they get - they weigh 23kg, 16kg and skinny minny is 13kg and I split a 500g pack of price choice mince between them with 2/3rds to skinny minny and 1/3rd each to the other two, plus kibble.

I don't have the freezer space to up the % of raw fed, and what i'm doing suits them, I'd just like ideas for variety - I've already picked up on the idea of some natural yoghurt and raw eggs but not sure how many times a week I can offer these?

I HIGHLY recommend pro-biotic yoghurt and apple cider vinegar (unpasterised), they worked a miracle for my slightly itchy dog. McKenzie is about 5kg and gets 1 teaspoon of yoghurt with each meal, and about 1/2 teaspoon of ACV with her evening meal.
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