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What dog flap for a jack russell/patterdale

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by gazzarose, May 2, 2011.

  1. gazzarose

    gazzarose PetForums Newbie

    May 2, 2011
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    Hi, firstly Im new here so hello.

    We've got a 2 yr old jack russell/patterdale cross called dottie, and have meaning for some time to get her a dog door. We were doing alot of work in the kitchen which included a new back door so now is the time. Shes quite small, about the same size as a small jack russell, but has got broad shoulders with almost a bull dog stance. We bought a Staywell 300 cat flap today and I thought Id try it in a piece of wood first before cutting the door, and she can get through it without her collar on but not with it, her collar catches at the top. Also the door looks like it would be quite drafty. We've been looking at someother doors on the net, but its hard to tell the quality. So I was wondering what other people use/recommend. So far I've only found the staywell one and the dog mate one. Im thinking the small one because the medium ones seem way too big, almost spaniel type size. And I know the dog comes before aesthetics, but the medium dog doors look huge and ugly, and seem like a waste.

    Her vitals are

    Shoulder height - 12in
    Shoulder width - just under 7in.

    The cat flap weve got has an opening of 6 1/4 in wide, but is rounded at the bottom, so she has be quite high up in the opening to get her shoulders through, with the back of her neck touching the top of the opening, hench why when shes got her collar on it catches.

    If any one has got any recommendations that would be brilliant cos the summers comng and she loves running round int he garden so she can go out when she wants.


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