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what are YOUR quircks? (not your dog's)

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Nellybelly, May 28, 2010.

  1. Nellybelly

    Nellybelly PetForums VIP

    Jul 20, 2009
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    This is our quircks regarding our pets...otherwise Iw ould never finish typing this post hehe.

    I am very neurotic about Bella, and also Nelson my previous dog, and their pooing. Even though we have a garden, neither dogs have ever used ti for toilet after having been with me a few months. I think the fact that we walk at least 4 times a day might account for this.
    Anyway, because the garden is not used for toileting, I feel like if Bella doesn't poo on her walk she will have to hold it in until her next walk (even though I'm home all day and I would take her out the minute she asked). Bella almost always (I've had her a year and today is the 3 rd since owning her she hasn't pood in the morning) poos in the morning, so when she doesnt I get upset:(. My worst is when I see she is about to and the something distracts her and then she doesn't go in the end. I take ehr out again a few minutes after we come home, but I think she senses how stressed I am about her going that the poor girl can't go...so i've eft it ow until our lunch time toilet walk, and if that doesn't work I'm sure she'll go this afternoona t the dog park.
    She usually, but not always goes in the afternoon too, but I'm not too bothered if she skips this one.

    My other quircks?
    When we are playing fetch (I have taught Bella to catch in the air as well as normal fetch). I like ending the game with Bella succesfully catching the object in the air. If this doesn't happen, I have to throw again.

    Another quirck..I physically cannot pull on the lead. I can hold the lead tight, e.g. to get Bella to sit until it's safe to cross the road, but I cannot pull her away from a smell for example. She is really well behaved and usually responds to a voice command, but if this doesn't work I will pick her up and place her down after a few paces.

    I have more but I think I've embarrassed myself enough already:p
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