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I've been dog and cat sitting at my m-I-ls house.
Pickle the greyhound decided to sleep in ebony's bed the first night a third of the size of her bed (OH has it on his phone will post it later)

As soon as it was bed time ebony would run downstairs an do a poo in the front room ( despite being in th garden a half an hour before bed)

Didn't shut the cat out on the first night so had ebony braking at strange noises downstairs and ended up with a cat on our bed and ebon trying to bite her tail.

Cat vomited in first night after eating ebony's food

Pickle the greyhound decided that she wanted to sleep with me last night got smacked in he face a few times

Just having a coffee before taking them out before I leave and look down to see ebony happily munching on cat poo

Guess you can say I was out of my comfort zone... Looking forward to going home lol

And feeding them was a nightmare as both dogs wanted the cat food, ebony wanted pickles food even though its nasty stuff and produces the most offensive poos known to man kind. If I had brought more of ebony's F4Ds pickle would of had that!
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