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Alright so last weeks winner was babycham2002 and babycham2002`s chosen theme for this week is
With my hooman!

So rules
* One photo per person
* It must be your own photograph or you must have owners permission
* No photoshop allowed other than a simple crop or to block out a persons face
* Entry is to be done by PM to me New Puppy Mum
* Entries will close at 8pm on Saturday 17th Novemeber
* Winner announced on Monday 19th Novemeber
* Winner decides next week theme
* Only the first 40 entries will be entered into the competition
* One vote per person
* No claiming which photos are yours, unless I have already announced the winner
* No guessing who`s photo is who`s until I announce the winner
* No PMing people to vote for so and sos photo
* Please try to remain as unbiased as possible when voting
* Double check you have viewed all photos before voting
* Cheaters will be disqualified
* Voting is anonymous
* The winner(s) recieve rep from everybody in the comp.

Get entering now! :devil: :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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