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Hi, I am in the process of weaning my 5 week old kittens. I started them on royal canin weaning mouse mixed with cimicat, which seemed to go down a storm with 4 of my kittens. They literally dived straight in.
But, there is always a but! One of my kitties just would not eat, his mother was getting a bit bored and sporadic in her attempts to feed them so his weight was dropping. He was 515grams at 4 and a half weeks, but he dropped and stayed at 498ish for the best part of a week.
I was syringe feeding him cimicat mixed with a tiny bit of RC mousse, but he would only take tiny amounts. In the end I just went to pets at home and bought all the diff types of wet kitten food I could find.
This worked and he loves the applaws kitten in chicken flavour mixed with cimicat, he has been eating since yesterday and is now 548 grams.
My prob now is what to feed him, I know applaws is a complementary food, but as he likes the taste of chicken I will try some chicken wings but really wanted a complete food to give him that has all the nutrients he needs.
Sorry this is so long but I was hoping for suggestions on kitten foods that everyone uses. Is hilife any good, as they do a chicken flavour in that or any other suggestions? Thanks :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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