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Water fountain

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by KitsuNel, Mar 16, 2021.

  1. KitsuNel

    KitsuNel PetForums Newbie

    Mar 14, 2021
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    Since everyone seems to unanimously agree about how good water fountains are for cats it was one of the first things I’ve bought for my rescue when I first got her. Unfortunately shortly after we encountered sanitary issues and my partner decided to put it away and go back to the old fashioned water bowl out of fear that our Willow might develop health problems from the algae growth on the filter.
    The filter (which is supposed to last 4 weeks) would sometimes start to grow it after just a few days even though we changed the water once a week as recommended by the manufacturer. I should also point out that the fountain was filled using already pre-filtered water from our kitchen Brita filter. The only thing that came to mind which could have caused this was that according to the instruction the filter was supposed to be submerged at all times, however, due to the design of the fountain that was near to impossible as it would require it to be constantly full to the brim.
    We tried to use the fountain without the filter for a while, changing the water in it every other day or even everyday when necessary, but without it the engine would gather all the impurities making it really hard to clean. Taking it apart every single day and cleaning each piece separately was unfortunately just too time consuming to be practical.
    I have since came to wonder if perhaps investing in a more expensive model might be worth a shot so thought I’d ask you guys if anyone else had issues with theirs and what brands are worth buying. The one I got was a basic round flower design from eBay as I didn’t think the shape would be important at the time.
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