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wanted : parrot for my loving home...rehome preffered pls

Discussion in 'Bird Classifieds' started by devilsofdarkness, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. devilsofdarkness

    devilsofdarkness PetForums Junior

    Apr 14, 2008
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    Hi i am looking to rehome one of the larger parrots. african grey, amazon etc....i am experienced with parrots and up until a few months ago actually had an african grey and a senegal parrot....however because i am disabled (i have to use a wheelchair most of the time as my legs dont work properly) I was feeling really guilty as having the two parrots, and both the type of parrot that loved human interaction, because i was finding it difficult to cope with both of them decided it would be fairer on the african grey to rehome her....i decided to keep my senegal as we had had her since she was 12 weeks old and she was now 9 and silly tame so thought that it would be better for the grey to get all the attention she needed in a new home,leaving me to put all my effort and attention into the senegal...

    A lovely couple came and rehomed the african grey and off they went...so i bought a new lovely cage, new toys and thoroughly spoilt my senegal and gave as much attention as she wanted....

    then a week later, after saying the usual good morning to her, letting her out the cage and doing the housework, i stopped for a cup of tea and calling her noticed it was really quiet ( she would normally be shouting and whistling) i looked in her cage and she was still on the bottom...shed been absolutely fine 10 mins before and now she was gone!:cryin:

    i couldnt quite believe what i was seeing and called my husband who gently took her out of the cage and checked her all over...there was no signs of anything..she was exactly the same as she always was so we could only come to the conclusion that she may have had a heart attack that killed her outright...so now after doing the best for both my birds, i am left heartbroken and with NO birds....I dont have enough income left over each week to just go and buy one so i am asking that if anyone has a parrot that they really need an excellent, loving and caring home for please contact me

    ty for reading
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