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Visited the dog sitter again

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Nellybelly, May 9, 2010.

  1. Nellybelly

    Nellybelly PetForums VIP

    Jul 20, 2009
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    I will be going to the UK in September to complete my last year of studies. Bella will be staying in Cyprus and my mom will be looking after her. There is one week however hen my mom has to go abroad. I will come home from the UK for that period if feasible (no assessments or deadlines), but just in case I can't make it, Bella will have to go a dog sitter - and it is breaking my heart. The whole leaving her behind is destroying me, but I've been studying for 4 years (2 years a course that didn't interest me, so I changed) and I really need to get my degree now, and there is only 1 year left.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short I have been searching far and wide for the best solution for Bella for this week.

    I have looked into the best boarding kennels and been unimpressed...so not an option.
    SO I have gone down the dog sitetr route.

    I thought I had found someone, but after our second trial walk together I changed my mind. She doesn't have an enclosed garden, so ties the dogs outside if they want to sit outside. She has assured me that she keeps an eye one them, but i do not like the idea, however much I have tried to convince myself it is ok.
    The other thing that put me off was when we fed the dogs (apart from the fact that she fed her own dogs supermarket ***), that her own 2 dogs were getting to Bella's bowl:(
    There are dog beds in the house, but I have seen no chews or toys, although she has assured me gives her dogs chews. I am just worried if I take Bella's toys and chews her dogs will be all over Bella to take them away from her (and as Bella is very submissive she will give in).
    And one more thing that bothered me the most.
    For anyone who knows me, I tend to be one of the people who border on the limit of over-exercising my dog. But I alwasy stick very firmly to not pushing a dog to exercise. When we are out for more than an hour, only 1 hour of this is actual walking. Then Bella is given a break if she wants one. And the walk ends if I think she has had enough. She hardly ever has enough though, so I will stay on at the park for another half hour while she runs around with ehr 4 legged friends, or while I throw a ball for her. But like I have said, I would never do forced walking.

    Well this dogsitter spends about 5-6 hours a day wlaking her dogs, amny of these walks in 2 hours slots. Half the walk is off lead (but fast walking) andteh other hour is on lead. WHen we got to the 1h30 minutes point I could see my Bella was tired and she kept lying down. But the dog sitter kept walking at the same pace for the next half hour until we got back to her house. I picked up Bella for part of this as she looked tired.

    The other thing that worries me is that both times we have walked with this lady Bella hasnt weed or pood on the walks. Bella likes a slow first 5 minutes of the walk to a field, weher she can calmy poo, without worrying about keeping up. She wees a few times throughout the walk.
    With this dogsitter the walk begins full speed with no real break, so I think Bella feels worried about losing us so is so focued on that she doesnt wee or poo.

    ANyway, this dog sitter, who seemed to be teh ebst from everyone I called up, is now excluded.

    I have no idea what to do.

    MY problem with the other dog sitters (who have enclosed gardens, whose dogs have toys and chews, who will make sure Bella eats her food undisturbed) is that Bella wouldnt get enough exercise. She would be getting 20 minutes in the morning, and 20-30 minutes in the afternoon. But she would have access to a fairly big garden...

    With me she gets 2 proper off lead walks, 2 short toilet walks, but often omes along to friends etc, so is often out the house, and we also do lots of fetch in our garden as well as training.

    SO now I am going to look around for other dog sitters. Would you alla gree that less exercise is better than too much? I don't think I can find anyone who will do exactly what Bella is used to. The one lady I have in mind has 3 dogs of her own who Bella gets on with well, but 3 of her dogs are elderly which is why walks are a little short.

    I was thinking in kennsl dogs dont always get walked but ahve access to a runw ith other dogs...at this lady's hosue, the garden and her own dogs will be an equivalent to the run, and Bella will also be getting 2 smallish walks and living in a home environment.

    this has been a very long post, and I am so sorry, but it's just I'm really concerned and want to find the best option.
  2. rona

    rona Guest

    The second sitter sounds far better. How did Bella get on with that ones dogs?
  3. wooliewoo

    wooliewoo PetForums VIP

    May 27, 2008
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    The second sitter sounds alot better and try to remember it is for 1 week and not the year. A slight change in routine should not upset her too much and she will still be getting some exercise even if just running round garden

    Its hard trusting outsiders with our babies:eek:
  4. dobermummy

    dobermummy Banned

    Apr 4, 2009
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    i think the second sitter sounds better too :)
  5. Nellybelly

    Nellybelly PetForums VIP

    Jul 20, 2009
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    Thank you all for your replies.
    Bella gets on fine with the second dog sitter's dogs. She didn't play with them, but there was no tension or uneasiness between them.

    She played much better with 1 of the 2 of the first dogsitter's dogs. WHich was a great appeal for me...but the other factors agauint this dogsitter outweigh this advantage.

    I hate hate hate the possibility that I may have to trust Bella in someone esle's hands for a few days....

    We will do a few extra visits to the new dogsitter and I will decide if I feel ok leaving Bella there.
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