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I've not been around for awhile as I have had a busy few weeks. Sadly our beautiful old labrador, Jake, passed away last month. We had to make the very hard decision of having him put to sleep. He was just short of his 14th birthday having been with us from puppyhood. Words cannot express how much we miss our lovely boy but you could see in his face that he had had enough. We draw comfort from the fact we were all with him at the end and had a chance to say goodbye. It was especially hard for my children as they don't really remember a time without him.

We have been keeping a close eye on Maisie (Jake's sister) as we thought she may pine for him, but so far she has been ok. Alfie,our staffie, missed him terribly and kept looking for him everywhere. He has settled down now but for awhile he seemed really miserable without his old pal.

A couple of weeks before Jake passed away, we made the decision to take on a young staffie cross called Cookie. She was in dire need of a home after being effectively abandoned by her previous owner (a kid my daughter new). We were faced with the choice of either taking her to a rescue kennel, or taking her on ourselves. We decided on the latter...and she has settled in beautifully. Alfie and Maisie have taken to her really well and despite her poor start in life, she is a really good little dog.

We will never forget our beautiful Jake, but having the young dogs to focus on has been some comfort.

RIP Jake 17/04/96 - 06/04/10

So sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you.

And that was very nice of you to take on the other doggy.

R.I.P Jake...may you run free xx
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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