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U.S. - Rescuing to Kill: The Compassionate Hypocrite

Discussion in 'Pet News' started by testmg80, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. testmg80

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    by Stephanie Ernst

    In an interview just published, Catherine Friend, author of the gratingly titled The Compassionate Carnivore, had this to say about the four "beef steers" she purchased when they were newborns--just one day old:

    They’re very friendly and come galloping up to us. We’ll butcher them in the fall...

    Let's just stop there for a moment, to take in the way Friend so casually transitioned from commentary on how affectionate and trusting the calves are to how she, in return, plans to have their throats slit, their limbs hacked off, their bodies skinned, and pieces of them sold as beef and leather. Wow. OK, continue:

    They’re very friendly and come galloping up to us. We’ll butcher them in the fall and, hopefully, buy four more. A lot of farms have bull calves and have no use for them. We like rescuing calves and giving them a good life for about a year. Yes, they go to butcher, but they have had a darned good time while they are here.

    Pardon me, Mary, but...


    That Ms. Friend can convince herself that she's "rescuing" these calves is incredible. It's like buying a six-year-old child slave from people who are beating him and making him sleep in the shed and then calling yourself his "rescuer" because even though he's your slave now, you're going to let him sleep on the laundry room floor and give him a year's reprieve before you start beating him too.

    Or if you need a nonhuman and more apt analogy, how about someone who adopts puppies from shelters, brags to the world that she "rescued" them from certain death, and then after a year of keeping them around during their cute phase, sells them for big bucks to a nearby laboratory to be used in cruel, terminal experiments, pocketing the profit? Would you call her a rescuer? Or a self-aggrandizing hypocrite who capitalized on the dogs' suffering and death?

    It's the same damn thing. What Friend does to and with these calves is absolutely, 100% the same thing as what the hypothetical puppy "rescuer" does. Ms. Friend buys these calves so that she can fatten them up and then--when they're still the equivalent of toddlers and when they've come to trust her--sell them to be killed, in order to make a profit off their deaths and eat their flesh.

    Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary rescues calves. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary and Maple Farm Sanctuary rescue calves. Kindred Spirits Sanctuary rescues calves. They rescue calves from the likes of Catherine Friend, from people who see them and treat them as objects and commodities, who see dollar signs rather than emotional, thoughtful individuals--from people who send them to the horrors of the slaughterhouse. And when these truly compassionate people rescue them, they do so for life, not for one year out of what would otherwise be a two-decade life.

    You do not rescue calves, Ms. Friend. You kill them, for money. You are not a "compassionate carnivore," Ms. Friend. You are a businesswoman. And your business is betrayal and death.

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