TWO heat mats and plastic GAL tank still not warm!

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    Hi all,

    I have owned GALS before but have not had this issue before - admittedly, it is my first time using a plastic storage tank rather than a glass vivarium.

    At first, I purchased a 7w heat mat and stuck it to the outside of the tank, but this did not make any difference. So, I decided to put it underneath the soil (I know this is not recommended, but having owned GALS before I have never had a problem with burns despite burrowing), which made the soil warm for a bit but now it is back to room temperature, which is on the cold side in my house.

    Seeing as this hadn't worked, I bought another heat mat, this time 15w, and put it on the outside, hoping the two in combination would work. I had the same problem as above, and when deciding to ALSO put this one underneath the soil, still there is unsubstantial improvement. It can barely be called an improvement.

    What am I doing wrong? Is it too humid? Is it the plastic tank? Did I simply have the luck of buying two dud heat mats?

    As a side note, Milk spends the day burrowed and comes out at night to eat - there are no signs of him exploring his tank so far, which must mean his environment isn't right? But he is eating? I have never had such a 'shy' GAL.

    All and any help is appreciated, thank you. Here are some pictures:

    28461381_2006065749606309_2073881277_o.jpg 28461647_2006065752939642_1992939691_o.jpg 28461260_2006065766272974_1576008870_o.jpg 28503794_2006065769606307_585388985_o.jpg
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    I think Milk is depressed as he/she can't see out of the tank clearly. I found my GALS like to see what is going on around them and so I always keep mine in containers with crystal clear sides. Your previous glass tank would have been much clearer than the opaque plastic tank you're using now. You can buy special clear plastic tanks, they are better for you to look into than the cloudy tanks, and better for the snails to look out of.