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Tucson's Puppy Mill Rescue of Min Pins - In Urgent Need of Assistance

Discussion in 'Pet News' started by testmg80, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. testmg80

    testmg80 PetForums VIP

    Jul 29, 2008
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    In Tucson, AZ a puppy mill rescue of Miniature Pinschers have been left without a home after their owner and breeder, an elderly Tucson woman passed away .

    Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) as trustees of these dogs have stepped in to house the 70-plus Min Pin's that range in ages of one-year to seniors.

    This is especially concerning, as this breed of dog does not do well in the shelter environment. An urgent call and plea is being issued to rescue groups and individuals familiar with the breed to step forward to foster and find placements for these great little dogs.

    Background of the breed: It is believed that the Miniature Pinscher evolved from the ancient German Pinscher family of dogs. The widely accepted version of this breeds background is they originated from a cross of the Dachshund and the Italian Greyhound, and Germany is the undisputed origin of these miniature dogs.

    "This is not a beginner's breed", according to experienced breeders, and "Its like living with a roomful of toddlers who never grow up". They have a high energy level and inquisitiveness that always bears close watching.

    This proud little dog coined the term "The King of Toys". The Miniature Pinscher is an assertive, outgoing, active and an extremely independent breed but because of their delicate physical stature they do not do well in a household of rambunctious children. However, they are fearlessly animated with endless spirit and courage and make great companion pets.

    Assistance with transporting the dogs can be arranged by contacting Justin at PACC at 520 248-0301.
    minpin4.jpg minpins3.jpg

  2. jilly40

    jilly40 PetForums VIP

    Oct 22, 2008
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    carnt help ,but bumpty bump xx
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