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Trying to understand what happened.

Discussion in 'Bird Health and Nutrition' started by Ciprian Nutescu, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. Ciprian Nutescu

    Ciprian Nutescu PetForums Newbie

    Jun 30, 2019
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    I’m struggling to come to terms with the death of our beloved Rosy-faced lovebird four days ago. She was very special to me. My family had her since i was in 6th grade (She was 15 years). The bird was healthy but because of age she started to have a white spot on the left eye. That was the only illness i noticed.
    On Tuesday evening i was going home from a small 2 day vacation and around 7 PM i saw her on my pet webcam that she was limping or holding her left leg up at the bottom of the cage, using her beak to move around. I am not sure what happen, i didn’t saw her fell from the top of the cage or didn’t knew if that was just the start of her paralysis.
    When I arrived at 9 AM i wanted to change her water and i didn’t saw her because she was inside her wooden birdhouse that was inside the cage. When i returned with fresh water I saw that she was outside the birdhouse unable to walk at all, using only the beak to move around. She wasn’t able to use her right leg now also. I took her to my room and i saw blood on her feathers between the breast and abdomen. I thought i would see blood on the legs as that would make more sense to me but the legs were clean. Not a lot of veterinary clinics where opened at that time so I tried to call a non-stop one but there was no answer.
    I then took a piece of cotton wool and alcohol and started to rub on her belly. Not sure if that did anything to help. I tried to help her drink water or food but she didn’t drink or eat anything. She looked like she was in shock not knowing why she couldn’t move. Did a few searches online and at first i though she had a stroke, but i couldn’t explain the blood. I helped her go back into her birdhouse and then moved the cage in my bedroom to monitor her.
    At 2 and 4 AM she left her birdhouse and she was on the bottom of the cage almost paralyzed. Every time i tried to see what was going on but i couldn’t tell. The blood was still there, but was unable to see if she was still bleeding.
    The last time i saw her on the bottom of the cage she also had blood on her beak. I then used a few drops of alcohol on her belly, thinking that this time it will go pass the feathers and into the wound, if there was any. Her heart was beating very fast. I helped her go back into her birdhouse one last time. Had to go to work. Around 7:30 AM my girlfriend found her dead.
    I know i will probably never get a definite answer but she appeared so healthy right up until this happened. Everything happened so quickly. I feel guilty now for not trying to call other veterinary clinics that night. Its hard to move on without some kind of closure
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