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How Much exercise does this dog get?

What kind of mental stimulation(training, toys, chews etc) and how much does she get?

What food is she fed(and by what food i want a brand name)

I would try clicker training, get a clicker and some really high value treats( cooked chicken, cheese cubes etc), and train her to be quiet, quite simply by clicking and treating her when she's not barking, once she gets the hang of this you can extend the time she goes without barking. At the same time you could connect a word to the barking on the chance she might stop as she's not been told to do it(worked with my boy).

Another thing to try is ignore it completely...when she is barking make no eye contact, don't touch her....just pretend she's not there. If she starts to get pushy(nipping, jumping etc) then remove yourselves from the room she's in....note i'm saying you all go, enforcing the ignoring theme here as she could see you touching her to remove her as a reward.

If she's in her crate, try covering it up so she can't see(and again you can't see her so she is being ignored).

It sounds very much like you have an understimulated, bored, teenage dog who just wants some attention, however it is upto you to only give it to her when she's calm and quiet. German Shepherds are not an easy breed, they require a lot of physical and mental exercise each day.

An easy way to give mental stimulation(apart from training) is to buy a boredom busting food dispensing toy like a kong/kong wobbler/buster cube/nina ottensen toy etc etc and use it to feed the dog, kongs are good as they can be frozen too so the dog has to work harder to get the food. I have a kong and a kong wobbler and my boys love playing with both of them.

If you don't want a toy then another way to make her work is simply scatter her meals around the garden...she then has to work to find it.

Chews are a good way to calm a dog as chewing releases endorphins(happy hormones) and lowers stress levels. For a GSD you'll need tougher chews like stagbars. Filled bones are also good as a pigs ears but neither would last very long in a GSDs mouth :eek: As i've said training sessions are great for tiring a dog mentally, just 2 or 3 5-10 minute sessions a day would make a difference I believe.

Consistency is the key here, whatever you choose to do you need to stick with it so this dog see's there's no way to get out of it. I hope my advice helps :)
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