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Tripod Help

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by Cally The Tripod, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Cally The Tripod

    Cally The Tripod PetForums Newbie

    Jun 23, 2019
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    My cat has a missing back leg and every month, for anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks, she will get almost something like a pinched nerve. She will start tossing and turning and rolling around and will have this purr/meow of pain the whole time period that she has this pinched nerve. I need to find some way to help her during this time whether it is a medication or massage. I also need to figure out if it is even a pinched nerve that is causing this or what. If you have any expierience with this type of tng or if you know anything, please me know.
  2. Pepperpots

    Pepperpots PetForums Senior

    Apr 3, 2016
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    I’d talk to your vet.
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  3. chillminx

    chillminx PetForums VIP

    Nov 22, 2010
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    Hello @Cally The Tripod and welcome :)

    It sounds as though she probably has "phantom limb pain" which is called Hallucinosis. Years after losing a limb a cat may still try to scratch themselves with the missing limb.

    The brain has not recognised there is a missing limb, and sends signals but does not get the feedback from the limb it would expect so it sends more powerful signals. This is what causes pain in the stump of the missing limb. This can be agony for the cat.

    She needs effective pain relief medication you can give her whenever she needs it.

    Please take her to your vet a.s.a.p.
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