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Travel Sickness

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Mugginsasaurus, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Mugginsasaurus

    Mugginsasaurus PetForums Newbie

    Mar 31, 2011
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    My Cavalier has trouble travelling in the car.

    He dribbles a lot within a few minutes and is sick within about 10 minutes of driving and is usually sick a few more times.

    Is there anything we can do to stop this or is it something he will just get used to?

    We are gonna try some travel pills on Sat when we have an hours drive with him.
  2. RobD-BCactive

    RobD-BCactive PetForums VIP

    Jul 1, 2010
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  3. Leah84

    Leah84 PetForums VIP

    Jun 22, 2009
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    sun screens on the back windows! my baby banjo was exactly the same and would be slobbering within seconds of being in the car then vomit but as soon as the sun screens went up she was never sick again and the drooling eased up within a few days. apparently, like kids, dog`s brains can`t process the speed of the moving objects going past the car outside which is what causes the travel sickness so if you put the screens up they can`t see - i got a set from the pound store so they don`t have to be big expensive ones :)
  4. Twiggy

    Twiggy PetForums VIP

    Jun 24, 2010
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    Try Sturgeron. An awful lot of dog owners swear by it for travel sickness. I would think for a Cavalier about one third to half a tablet an hour before travelling should suffice.
  5. lucysnewmum

    lucysnewmum PetForums Senior

    Feb 25, 2010
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    i have had many dogs in my lifetime who have had travel issues and almost without exception it was caused by not being able to process the fast moving scenery outside and excitement at the thought of going somewhere exciting!

    i use sun screens on the side windows and a crate if possible to keep the dog below window level. there is also something you can get from pet stores,,,not sure what they call it...pet restrainer i think....which is like a large blanket which attaches to the front seats and then makes a hammock like structure before being attached to the rear seats. the dog sits, or lays, in the hammock and his view is totally restricted. also in the event of an accident he is secured on the back seat to a certain extent.
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