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Too late to tame?

Discussion in 'Chinchillas' started by WhiteFudge, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. WhiteFudge

    WhiteFudge PetForums Newbie

    Nov 25, 2019
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    Hi all!

    I adopted 2 gorgeous Chinchillas named Rick & Morty when they were 4 years old.
    Here is my dilemma: when I let them out, they don’t go 30 seconds without chewing something, be it my door or my skirting boards or my walls etc.
    Here are my questions: 1) are they too late to train so they stop this? 2) if not, HOW do I do it?

    I have tried “chew stoppa” spray - v. expensive as are many other brands.

    They have sticks toys etc to chew but aren’t as interested as they are in my skirting boards.

    I let them out 1 hr minimum per day. Plenty of time so they aren’t bored.

    Any advice is appreciated!!
  2. Tiggers

    Tiggers PetForums Senior

    May 27, 2014
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    Firstly you need to stop using any anti chew products immediately as they can potentially cause serious health issues to chinchillas. Chinchillas are rodents, and the prime directive of a rodent is to chew in order to wear down their continually growing teeth. You need to create a chinchilla proof area that is totally safe and supervise your chins at all times when they are out. Chinchillas explore everything with their mouths so the onus is on you to provide a safe playtime environment for them.
  3. TabulaRasa

    TabulaRasa PetForums Member

    Apr 1, 2016
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    Cover the edges of your wood with aluminium corner angle which you fix on with No More Nails type adhesive, so obviously don't use it on antique/valuable furniture. I did this in my chin's playroom and they can't chew a bit of the walls, door, window all or anything else and once they realized this they pretty much gave up trying and went for the wooden toys instead.
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