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Beautiful Toffee is a really sweet affectionate little podenco girl. After a very bad start in life, Toffee and her brother Treacle arrived in the UK in early October. Toffee is now in a foster home in Suffolk.

She is eager to learn and is food focused, so she’s easy to train. She is slowly gaining confidence and also still needs work on her house training. She’s mostly there but still has the odd accident!

Toffee is very energetic and will need an active home. She dislikes being left on her own and we feel that she really needs to be with another dog. The foster home has been working on cat training and, with careful introductions, she could definitely live with cats. She has a very good nature and would be fine with children. She arrived underweight and is having 3 meals a day to build her up (she now weighs 9 kilos). Preferably, she needs a home with people around most of the time.

Toffee will be a superb family dog once she has found her paws and will be so rewarding.

Toffee | SOS Animals UK

For more information please contact us as soon as possible :)


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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