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Today's Mission; Dog Vs Pony

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by AnimalObsessed, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Today was the day that dog met pony. I must admit, it wasn't really planned but she was asking to go out and I was going to Missy anyway so I took her with me. Ellie traveled fantastically on the bus and behaved impeccably on our walk up to Missy. Got to the field and shouted Missy in which I got TWO whinnies back (never ever happened before) and she came straight down. :D:D Took Ellie to the gate and the two of them touched noses and then Ellie sat down and Missy started grazing! :eek: No barking, growling, squealing anything. It was so peaceful! :D

    I then went to feed Missy who, for the first time ever, let me stroke her head 3 times and she gave me 'kisses' with her ears forward AND without me asking :D - She's done so well today!

    Then it was about time for the bus so we had to say our goodbyes but I am super dooper proud of the pair of them. Very happy with the outcome :)

    Oh, you want photo's?

    And an update on Missy's 'fat or pregnant' tummy;

    Enjoy :)
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  2. eiretzu

    eiretzu PetForums Member

    Apr 20, 2013
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    Lovely photos glad the introductions went well. Glad Ellie was good on the bus I also travelled on the bus once with my puppy he was good too.
  3. It was a lovely day out :biggrin5:
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