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To Everyone Who Commented/Read My Previous Thread "My friend comitted suicide..."

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by EmilyMarie, May 27, 2010.

  1. EmilyMarie

    EmilyMarie PetForums Member

    Aug 25, 2009
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    I thank all of you who have messaged me and lent out your heart in my time of suffering.
    I still can't go a day without thinking about him, or wondering why he did such a thing.
    I have seeked professional help, and it has helped me a lot. Thanks for those of you who have suggested that I do so.

    Kevin was amazing, and loved me so much, as well as many of his other friends and relatives. He was caring and gave his best to everyone.

    For those who've lost a loved one to suicide, or know of someone who has experienced the loss, I sympathize with you and to the ones you know who have left this earth.

    Again, thank you.
  2. sequeena

    sequeena PetForums VIP

    Apr 30, 2009
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    I'm glad you're seeking help hun it's the best thing for you.
    Big hugs from me and the furries :)
  3. xxwelshcrazyxx

    xxwelshcrazyxx PetForums VIP

    Jul 3, 2009
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    You will never forget him, you have alot of wonderfull memories of him and that is something that cant be taken from you. Glad you followed through with the counselling, it does help a bit dont it. It will get a bit easier as the time goes by, sending you loves and hugs.......((((((((((hugs)))))))))
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