Tiny Horse Chases This Baby. But The Next Part That’ll Really Melt Your Heart !

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    Hi ! ;););):Playful:Playful
    I don’t realize what to say, this video is so full of ‘cute’ it’s just too exquisite to install phrases, however i’ll attempt. So a tiny horse turned into trotting about within the farm, showing off his cute trotting abilities in style while unexpectedly the camera pans out and we see a tiny little boy there. At the start i used to be thinking what’s going to appear, could the tiny horse by accident head bump the child?

    take a look on a video on source below, i don`t know how to add the video here :(:Arghh

    UPDATED : The link Won`t Be added , i don`t know why ????
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    I think you have to make 25 posts before you can post a web link.