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Thread overload; Update of all the gang :)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AnimalObsessed, Sep 29, 2013.


    First of all, another apology for the lack of threads/comments in the past few months, I have being extremely busy with losing/finding a job and other bits and bobs so I haven't had time to come on here much! :eek:

    Right, Let's crack on. Not much to report on really but felt you all would like an update of the gang.
    First up, Ellie. We're just coming up to a year (I think) of learning about Ellie's heart murmur and she is still as hyper and crazy as ever! :D She hasn't shown any signs of slowing down or struggling with exercise and is going strong. The only 'change' I would say is that she is starting to go grey around her bum and ears but she still acts like a puppy :p

    I uploaded a video of her this afternoon;
    -Beneath Your Beautiful; Ellie - YouTube

    And you may have some photo's from yesterday;

    Next up, Shadow. I honestly can't think of anything to update him on really. :eek: He's still as loving and friendly as ever (don't forget handsome :p) He really enjoys hunting and we're still receiving those lovely 'gifts' of his :rolleyes: but I wouldn't change him for the world! :D


    And finally, Missy. Missy has settled in brilliantly and i'm really proud of her progress. Although still unhandled, she is happy to have her muzzle stroked and to have me stood next to her and sitting next to her. Missy also knows her name and always comes down to the gate to see us! :D She is being stabled within the next fortnight (So I believe) and will then have the vet out to do her jabs and to do a pregnancy test. A Few photo's;


    Think that's about it, enjoy. :biggrin5:
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  2. BenBoy

    BenBoy Banned

    Aug 31, 2013
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    What a great gang you have :)
  3. Hanwombat

    Hanwombat I ♥ dogs with eyebrows !!

    Sep 5, 2013
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    Lovely photos :)
  4. Thank you very much, I adore them :)

    Thank you :)
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