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So as you all know we got our Ragdoll JJ last saturday and he's gone from being a spitefull, skittish cat to a loving, relaxed cat.....with us humans.

But, he's still a big bully to our Jenson!

So Jenson is indeed the most laid back cat in the world we find out [could of had princess moo moo after all grrrrr moggybaby :mad: ;) ] and when Jensons asleep, JJ will come along and bite the back of his neck or tail or anything and either pull him off or fight him off and then take his place. He'll also just bite pin, corner him and pounce on him whenever he feels and sometimes jenson squeals, so i know its not just play. Sure Jenson has played a bit with him, but its more the fact that JJ is trying to assert his dominance over a cat who isnt fighting his own corner cos he's too soppy to do so.

Both the elder cats Jack and Jessie have stated thier position wether by paws [jack] or 'the look' [jessie] so he knows to be wary of them, altho he has started playing with Jack a little he cant get the better of Jack or Jack will clout and hiss.

But poor Jenson is really taking the brunt and i dont wanna stress him out, he was here first. We've tried seperating and telling off but he keeps going back, so i thought Feliway, but someone on here has told me its really not worth the money so to post on the forum.

Yes it has only been a week and he had been an only cat for like 8months, so i should give it time, but its upsetting to see Jenson having to run to his safe places to get away.

Someone else suggested starting introductions again, but mum wont have him shut away in the spare room, she thinks its cruel, i dont but theres no persuading me mum n dad, so im at a loss. What else can be done too help these too get along? Jenson i doubt will ever become big boss man, he's too much of a girl hehe but JJ who is pure ragdoll is really NOT behaving like a Ragdoll, is this gonna be a time thing where we just sit it out for 6 months and have to just keep telling him off, or has anybody had a raggie gone bad [apart from the one person i messaged haha] and has advice on what we can do.

He's lovely as pie to us, aslong as we dont push it, so yeah....thoughts? advice? etc etc
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