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So, I'm just finishing school and plan to move out soon, and have been seriously thinking about getting a great dane puppy.

I think they look beautiful, and would really like a large dog. However, I have never owned a large dog. I have family and friends who have had large breed dogs, have gone for walks etc with them, and I think I could handle the responsibility.

At my mums house we currently have a rough collie x (mums dog who i normally look after), a maltese cross and my dog Romeo, a jack russel x foxy who i got from a shelter 11 years ago. Romeo is growing rather old, and I'm not sure how much more time I'll have with him.

If I do moveout, I would definitely take Romeo with me. However, he took a long time to get used to the other two dogs when we got them as puppies, and I dont think he could handle accepting another into our little family. I should wait for my old boy to pass on before I bring home a new puppy, shouldn't I?

Moving on - can people who have experience with this breed give me advice? I have done some research, so have decided to look for a breeder if I get a puppy, and I'm a little worried about health problems common in giant breeds, like stuff with their hips or heart. If I make sure my puppy has been vet checked and from a planned litter, is there a better chance that I will have a healthy dog?

As I live in a rural area, I would have to go on quite a long drive to first see the parents, chat with breeder etc, and then pick up my puppy when ready. Would the puppy be okay for a car ride of atleast 3 hours, if not 5, or even 10... Any tips for long car rides with new puppies?

Then there is when he grows up. Are great danes jumpers? Would I have to make sure my yard had at least a six foot high fence? I would like him to be an inside dog, but if i haveto go somewhere i normally leave my pets outside to avoid messes.

And the big thing I worry about - I need to work, and while hoping to get a place with friends so someone is at home, I wouldn't be able to guarrantee my great dane wouldnt be left alone for up to around 8 hours a couple of times a week. And during the dogs lifetime, I may live alone at sone point, which would mean my dog would definitely haveto be along when I work. (at the moment a have a casual job, normally 8am to 4pm three or four times a week)

Should i wait til I have a family and know my dog ont be left along for long periods of time?

I would really love some tips on owning a great dane! I am very interested in this breed :)
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