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Honest answer?

Now is not the right time. You simply cannot leave a puppy alone for hours on end. It's just not on.

Sorry, but you did ask :)

I'd also like to mention that there are two gorgeous Great Danes at our local park. Both owners had owned dogs before, one had owned large dogs for years. When the Danes were younger, both owners proudly brought them to the park, got loads of attention, and had a great time.

Now let's skip forward a year so we're in the present. Both Great Danes are huge and incredibly strong. One owner is regularly seen in tears because he simply cannot get his dog to recall when commanded, and he literally spends hours desperately chasing his dog round the park. When he finds the dog, he can't 'catch' him and on one occasion, ANOTHER dog owner had to step in and do it for him. The Dane owner was embarrassed to the point of tears.

The other Great Dane has become aggressive to fellow female dogs and the owner has now been warned that if there is one more incident, she will be reported to the police and dog warden.

These are NOT dogs to be taken lightly.

By all means, when you can guarantee that you will have the time to invest in the puppy and the training, start researching breeders. But I don't think that time is now, from what you have said in your original post.

The costs of the food and insurance will be very high so you can perhaps forget nights out, new clothes, holidays, etc.

And again to emphasise: you CANNOT leave a puppy alone for that many hours, it would be unkind.

Sorry to be blunt - it's just that I have watched the two Dane owners mentioned for months now, getting more and more unhappy. The dogs are getting more and more out of control. It's a ghastly situation for both these dogs and I will be surprised if at least one of them does not end up in rescue, frankly.
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