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Please don't get a Great Dane. I've had one and whilst they are a lovely dog to own they are simply Too Big for the average house. They need an awful lot of space because of their size. They are extremely strong and need a lot of training, and you need to know what you're doing too. Mine pulled my OH flat on his face in the road once when a cat suddenly appeared the other side of the road. Luckily there were no cars coming.

10 stone of dog costs enormous amounts to feed, insure and the vet bills! Don't get me started on those! If you need antibiotics you pay ten times more than for a smaller dog.

I was the same as you, I loved the look of Danes and really wanted one. I was married, had a decent sized house and garden and thought it would be perfect. We had 2 washing machines destroyed, door frames damaged, and couldn't lave anything out as his tail would swipe it off. Mine took 2 years to become reliably housetrained and to be trusted not to chew.

He was my best friend and I miss him like crazy, but I would never get another Dane and would advise someone Not to get one just because they like the looks of them. They are not simply a bigger version of a dog - they have and cause problems that just wouldn't happen with a small dog.
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