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So, I'm just finishing school and plan to move out soon, and have been seriously thinking about getting a great dane puppy.

I think they look beautiful, and would really like a large dog. However, I have never owned a large dog. I have family and friends who have had large breed dogs, have gone for walks etc with them, and I think I could handle the responsibility.

At my mums house we currently have a rough collie x (mums dog who i normally look after), a maltese cross and my dog Romeo, a jack russel x foxy who i got from a shelter 11 years ago. Romeo is growing rather old, and I'm not sure how much more time I'll have with him.

If I do moveout, I would definitely take Romeo with me. However, he took a long time to get used to the other two dogs when we got them as puppies, and I dont think he could handle accepting another into our little family. I should wait for my old boy to pass on before I bring home a new puppy, shouldn't I?

Moving on - can people who have experience with this breed give me advice? I have done some research, so have decided to look for a breeder if I get a puppy, and I'm a little worried about health problems common in giant breeds, like stuff with their hips or heart. If I make sure my puppy has been vet checked and from a planned litter, is there a better chance that I will have a healthy dog?

As I live in a rural area, I would have to go on quite a long drive to first see the parents, chat with breeder etc, and then pick up my puppy when ready. Would the puppy be okay for a car ride of atleast 3 hours, if not 5, or even 10... Any tips for long car rides with new puppies?

Then there is when he grows up. Are great danes jumpers? Would I have to make sure my yard had at least a six foot high fence? I would like him to be an inside dog, but if i haveto go somewhere i normally leave my pets outside to avoid messes.

And the big thing I worry about - I need to work, and while hoping to get a place with friends so someone is at home, I wouldn't be able to guarrantee my great dane wouldnt be left alone for up to around 8 hours a couple of times a week. And during the dogs lifetime, I may live alone at sone point, which would mean my dog would definitely haveto be along when I work. (at the moment a have a casual job, normally 8am to 4pm three or four times a week)

Should i wait til I have a family and know my dog ont be left along for long periods of time?

I would really love some tips on owning a great dane! I am very interested in this breed :)
This will sound rude but honestly? I would suggest not even going there.
Have you ever lived in your own home and paid all your bills? How much do you think feeding this dog will cost? They eat an awful lot more than your jack russel / Maltese etch. That on top of your bills will shock the living day lights out of you especially at first. I am often surprised how much it costs to feed my yorkie - and you'd want to give him the best food you could afford for his needs , wouldn't you? What about vet bills , collars , leads etc. The puppy will grow and grow quickly and you will need to change these things.

I would recommend trying to volunteer somewhere, where you can handle large breeds to see what you're getting yourself in for. It's not always easy training a dog and if he doesn't get trained properly, you have a very large dog that will rule your life and become dangerous to you or others around you. I don't mean neccessarily aggressive - but he could pull you in the road, things like this.

I would not reccomend getting a dog if you know it's going to be alone all day. Don't get me wrong. People do it. But it's just a silly idea, especially with a PUPPY that size. It will get bored/lonely and could end up chewing your house to pieces amongst other things.
Of course you could hire a walker or other means, but if that dog is not TRAINED, nobody will want to assist you with such a large dog if it is unruly.

You know the answer about your other dog. I think at such a late age, when you kNOW he doesn't like new additions and introductions it wouldn't be fair to add such a large puppy especially who will bounce all over him / possibly hurt Him by doing so.

Whilst vet checks and KC registered is beneficial, you can still sadly get crooks and even then, if a breed is known to have / get problems later in life, sometimes it still can not be prevented. It's in the genetic of the dog, the way they were bred or just the way their bodies are - for examp
le, tall injuries and hip problems could be due to just the sheer size / weight of the dog. I am not an expert on Great Danes but all dogs, all breeds have problems they are known for, and it is a risk or chance that when you get a specific breed, it could happen.

Although they are not particularly long life breeds, you should expect to have this dog for 12 years or so. What if you don't train him properly ? I know you will intend to, we all do, but what if you lack the knowledge, or the time even ? You could have this dog for 12 years. What if he bounces on your children In the future ? Knock your grandma over? Think long and hard about getting any dog but especially one that will be towering over you on it's back legs!

I'm sorry but I don't think this is a good idea. I know I sound like a grumpy old cow but everyone hear would be furious if you got this dog and then had to get rid of it because you didn't consider everything you needed to.
Take it from someone that is 20 and so still quite young. Moving out is HARD, even with lots of support. It's a financial and emotional roller coaster at first. Don't get a dog for selfish reasons, make sure you are ready for one and make sure the breed you choose is appropriate for your life style to give it the best life it could have.

Also.. I forgot to answer this part; I wouldn't travel with a puppy for 10 hours. That's a whole day really. I'm sure people have done it but it isn't for me. You would have to clean out poop and wee regularly from whatever you are transporting it in (a young puppy shouldn't be going toilet on roadsides etc due to not having jabs, catching diseases from foxes etc), and you would have to feed and water it. The journey would be even longer then! Still, someone else may tell you otherwise but that's my view on it.
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