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The Story of my special boy Gus

Discussion in 'Rainbow Bridge' started by louies slave, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. louies slave

    louies slave PetForums Newbie

    Nov 17, 2008
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    I thought I would tell you all about my special boy Gus that sadly passed to the rainbow bridge october of last year.
    We first heard about the havana breed from a siamese breeder that we had Woodlouse our lilac meezer from,she had 2 female havanas and they were the most magnificant cats we had ever seen.From that day my hubby vowed that one day we would have a havana,and within a few weeks I'd found a little boy available,he was only just born,so we had a really long wait,but it didn't matter to us,we visited him regularly and we eventually named him Gus,he was gorgeous,he was a more chesnut brown than a chocolate brown,and we fell instantly for him,and then the day came that we could take him home,he screamed and cried all the way,but purred and purred when he got out and into his special room,set up for him.It was like he always lived with us and settled into life with other cats perfectly,we had a couple of weeks of watching this gangly,brown,baby start to grow and become a handsom chap,but one wednesday night,I noticed that he wasn't quite himself,he was 18weeks old and we put it down to possibly teething,but over the next few days he became worse,he was being sick constantly and really was not himself,I was so worried that we rushed him to the emergancy vets,where they looked at him and I could tell by their face that there was something really wrong,he had an intussuception of the bowel,and it was really serious,they kept him overnight and the following day we took him to our vet who operated,they said it went well and we could pick him up later that day,so we did but I knew that somethihng wasn't right,he was too lively and active,and I worried,friday he went down hill and we rushed him back to the vets,who said to take him home and give him a few more hours to see if he would perk up,but by saturday he was worse and we took him back to the emergancy vets,they kept him and x-rayed him and did numerous tests and sunday they said his bowel had re-twisted but they could operate,so we went through it again and gave him another chance,and he came through,he stayed in the emergancy vets having intense care for another couple of days until they said we could bring him home,he was only weighing 1.25kg by the time we brought him home,but we had to take things slowly,little by little and often,he was great for a week and my Gus was back,I slept with him every night,nursing him with my hand laid gently on him all night,so he knew I was always there,we bonded and he wouldn't be without me,for two weeks he continued to improve but then early hours on a wednesday night he was ill again and I knew,I knew that this time there would be nothing we could do,he looked tired and sad,and I told him that I understood that he had stayed for me,for me to love him and need him but that it was ok,that I knew he needed to go,so I had to say goodbye and it broke me in two,he was 20 weeks old and we had tried so hard to do everything we could,but he couldn't do no more. He's over the bridge now,having fun and living a happy life,I know he looks down at me and visits when he can.I'll tell you a secret cos he brought us Louie,he couldn't stand to see us sad anymore and brought him to us,and my present to him? I had him tattooed over my heart,where he will be forever,where I'am,he is. Louie has brought the joy and love back to our lives that went when Gus did,but Gus brought him to us and for that I'am eternally grateful. I know that one day we will meet at the foot of the bridge and be reunited again.We love you Gus and laways will
  2. sylneo

    sylneo PetForums Senior

    Oct 14, 2008
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    Such a sad story. Poor little Gus. But atleast you made his short life as good for him as you could and he was loved dearly and still is. You did everything for him and he knew that.
    RIP little Gus
  3. ColeosMummy

    ColeosMummy PetForums VIP

    Aug 27, 2008
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    such a sad story poor little gus :( x
  4. jilly40

    jilly40 PetForums VIP

    Oct 22, 2008
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    thats so sad, such a lot 4 1 so young.a short life but loved 2 the max.` rip gus xx
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