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The Pet.net to hold World’s Biggest Puppy Party

Discussion in 'Pet News' started by testmg80, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. testmg80

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    By Mary Clarke

    Social networking site The Pet.net is to hold the World’s Biggest Puppy Party on September 19 as part of Puppy Farm Awareness Day. The website said it wants the public to know where badly bred puppies come from so that they can select a healthy, happy dog.

    According to The Pet.net, farms in remote areas of the UK have been found to be mass-producing puppy litters for sale through the internet, newspapers and even pet shops. It said the puppies bred in these farms can suffer from fatal health problems, dangerous infestations and behavioural problems due to the way they are bred, the conditions they are kept in and the lack of socialisation they receive.

    The Pet.net co-founder and TV vet Marc Abraham warned that these problems are expensive to rectify, despite the relatively cheap cost of buying a puppy from the farms. He said: “I am treating more and more puppies that have come from puppy farms than ever before. It’s not the owners fault, they would rather have a happy and healthy pup, but aren’t keen to wait or spend the money in these tough economic times.”

    Abraham has issued a list of recommendations for those looking to buy a puppy so that they can ensure they are approaching reputable breeders. These include, checking that pedigree breeders are registered with the Kennel Club and asking to see the puppy’s mother and father. He has also suggested that those worried about cost should consider taking on a rescue dog.

    The World’s Biggest Puppy Party will take place at Brighton Racecourse. The day’s events are set to include heats of the cross-breed championships Scruffts, assistance dog displays, a celebrity-judged dog show and shopping areas. The event’s supporters include The Kennel Club, Pet-ID, The Company of Animals, Our Dogs Newspaper and Speaking Out for Animals.
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