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The Pet Care Trust supports The Kennel Club

Discussion in 'Pet News' started by spellweaver, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. spellweaver

    spellweaver Guest

    From Dog Genetic health

    Pet Care Trust
    Owning a dog can be tremendously rewarding. It has been proven that
    owning a dog brings a wide range of health and social benefits to owners
    and their families. Knowledge of pedigree dog breeds can also help to
    provide a more accurate picture of a dog's character, as well as of any
    hereditary conditions, thereby enabling potential owners to make an
    informed choice with regard to which dog is best suited to their

    The Pet Care Trust wholly supports the Kennel Club in its scientific
    work to help breeders eradicate debilitating hereditary conditions from
    pedigree breeds. Furthermore, the Trust applauds many of the KC's other
    schemes that enhance the lives of all types of dogs and their owners,
    such as their Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme, their 'Open for Dogs'
    initiative, and KC Dog.
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