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Lady of The Terrors.
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Thought I'd leave here on a positive note tonight with a little tale of mine.

After Houdini escaped his lead (because of muggins here) on Friday evening (I clipped his lead onto his harness name tag, not D loop) he shot across the road to get to another dog (read all about it in the training thread). After all the hustle and bustle died down, I realised I had lost his I.D tag.

Through my tears (yes there were lots of them!) I made my way back up the road to try in vain to search through the dark stretch of grass to see if I could find it. No luck, so blubbing like a baby, I went home.

After walking The Terrors the next day, I just get in when I receive a phone call, my dad picked up and then passed it to me. There was a gentleman on the phone saying he had found Charlies name tag, had called the number to see if he could meet me somewhere to return it as "I know they cost a lot of money". I thanked him many times and said I would meet him at the top of my road as he was on the road attached to it.

I take Charlie for a little trot up the road to meet the gentleman and I can see from a far its a guy who someone else had told me "is horrible and has a nasty dog".

Before having this said to me I had met said gentlemen after our dogs started barking at each other across the road, I made a joke and we both laughed about it. I often see this guy walking his dog (and sometimes several) up and down the roads and all about, to judgemental people he may look "rough around the edges" and "scary" but you could not wish to meet a nicer more polite guy.

The person who told me was/is horrible used to post on here and said his dog is nasty. His dog did snarl and pull to get to Charlie. So what? He had control over his dog and often muzzles him when hes out. This guy could not have been nicer and more polite. He returned the tag to me and said "I know how expensive these can be" I thanked him over again to which he replied "You're very welcome, have a good day" "You too" I replied as I dragged my snarling beast away.

He lives about a 20minute walk away so could have just left it but went out of his way to get out his mobile, ring me and meet me somewhere to return it.

It really touched me and cheered me up after the evening before.

I have just started a new job today and my last shift with my old job finished on Saturday evening (despite being down for relief for kitchen and care!) I brought in a card and chocolates for everyone and my boss came down (she lives above the home) to say goodbye to me before she went out.

I said I'd be around and picking up shifts, taking my sister to and from work etc etc. I then asked just as she was leaving if it would still be okay for me to walk the dogs through the grounds, to which she replied "Yes ofcourse, aslong as you promise to bring the dog (Charlie) in to see the residents still) I said that I do on my days off is my pleasure, as I love seeing the residents stroke Charlie and their faces light up.

This really took a weight off my mind, these grounds are incredible, no-one else uses them except me, we have a huge pond the dogs swim in, a ton of woodland, Charlie has his own compost heap, if you've seen some of the photos Ive taken there, you can see how lucky I am to be able to let them run free and just be dogs without having to worry about other people.

I can just let them off and they run around for hours whilst I sit and relax. I decided to explore a bit further beyond the homes grounds and discovered miles and miles of woodland cut off (a tad dangerous) but beautiful at the same time, complete with a stream.

To me it is paradise and to have a place 10minutes drive away to let my 2 off, is a true blessing, most people with friendly dogs by me will never walk in such stunning grounds.

I have been blessed.

So to sum up this rambling thread.

Not all people are [email protected]

Night all

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