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Kill your neighbours ! Or at least give them a good spanking when they have a dog and don't have an idea how to train him!!
The neighbours on my left are a bit, er, weird. It is quite difficult to guess who actually lives there as the house belongs to a family with ?? kids. One daughter lives around the corner of the corner, one son lives around the corner, the other son has an appartment in the family house. On weekends, people come and go and last year, a grandson played music so loud every weekend that one day I got very mad at him and I even went to the police .
Now that guy used to have a dog, a Rottie, never did any harm, was quiet too. Last year he died and they got another dog. Never seen the dog, hardly ever hear the dog, but I hear the people forever crying : "Nino (or Dino) NO"
and when I say crying, I mean SHOUTING. They are forever yelling at the dog and calling him names. Last summer I had enough of it and said in a rather loud voice "if I were that dog, I'd run away"
Now the fine weather has started again and with it comes the nuissance of the loud neighbours and the way they yell at the dog, who is not a puppy anymore of course.
They don't abuse him of course but I'm afraid they might start when their fantastic training method fails to work.

I feel like putting a letter in their mailbox saying they should read a book on dog education.
I also feel for the dog. I wonder what kind of dog it is too.
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