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i got one of my fav teddy bear chandler coming to stay on friday
his a lovely big sable gsd, and takes up the whole of the settee it great as his so warm and tells my dogs off for coming to sit on me but he loves them really,
he gets so excited when i got to pick him up one day his going to break the door down from his jumping up and down.

i missed him his been very ill we thought he might of had cancer as he lost so much weight all of a sudden but thankfully it wasnt, his still getting over the illness but getting there.

these three are my big teddy's all owned by different people and all get on like brothers

you have left to right 1st spike, then tylor, then chandler.

Caaa-ro----l... where are you? Whats his name?:) Are you having a hangover after Yesterday's party?!:p
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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