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Tank - 8 month old Satffy cross, Middlesbrough

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue and Adoption' started by claire_smc, May 20, 2010.

  1. claire_smc

    claire_smc PetForums Newbie

    May 20, 2010
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    I am currently looking for a new home for Tank, an 8 month old male staffy cross. I am not sure what his cross is, although people have suggested Boxer. The reason he is up for rehoming is that his previous owner is someone I work with. She is out all day and leaves him crated in her house for long periods of time, she decided it wasn't fair on him and was going to send him to the pound. I agreed to take him into my house temporarily while I could find him a rescue space or a new home.

    He is housetrained and can sit and give paw. Unfortunately he cannot be allowed off the lead yet as he has no recall. He is a very friendly and excitable pup, he loves to sit and cuddle up on the sofa. Due to negative experiences in his previous home he has issues with being left alone and as such he needs to go to a home where he can receive a lot of attention and someone is at home for a large proportion of the day. I'm sure he will quickly learn and get over his fear that he's going to be caged up for hours on end.

    He has not been neutered, as far as I'm aware he hasn't been microchipped but he is up to date with his vaccinations. I am not sure how he is around other animals but for the moment I don't believe he should be around small children as he jumps up to greet you and he has quite a lot of strength and weight behind him!

    I'm in Middlesbrough but could travel within a reasonable distance if I found him the right home.


    Comes with crate, blankets, toys, food, food bowls, collar and lead.
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