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I keep seeing dogs in the UK with systemic yeast and their owners have no idea.
They have been to the vets and the vets have no idea, other groomers seem to have no idea.

I was wanting to know if any groomers on here actually recognised systemic yeast as it seems to be a really common thing and nobody knows what it is.

Since there is no product to treat systemic yeast I am thinking about putting some money into developing a product that groomers can use and sell to owners of dogs with this problem.

any thoughts from owners of dogs with this / groomers?

Systemic yeast is when the dogs smell very very strong its an off sometimes actually yeasty smell. The skin is thick and hardens it usually swells and is red. It can turn black in patches.
Areas it is seen - all over / arm pits/ face/ ears

It is what causes the really smelly ear infections in your ret breeds and hound dogs.


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