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My sister recently aquired 4 baby rabbits, from 3 different litters.
1 black self mini lop. about 19 weeks old
2 white brothers (a mismarked one and a sealpoint) about 18 weeks old
And a giant chocolate french lop girl. 14 weeks old

A week ago, she moved houses and since has had the bunnies free to run around the garden when its nice weather, which they love!
The garden is very small, enclosed and is mainly lawn, which the exception of one bush.

4 days ago, the black one flopped out in the hutch against the door. My sister was alarmed by it, as it was unusual for him to do it, but was reassured that it was the heat. He did get up after a few minutes and went to the back of the hutch by the litter tray. My sister checked up on him a matter of minutes afterwards to see if he was okay, but he was lifeless with his head in the littertray.

All 3 of the other rabbits seem to be coping fine.

We are now just puzzled as to what happened to him! All 3 boys had been neutered a couple of weeks beforehand, but there was no sign of anything wrong down there.
All 3 boys lived together, the two brothers are very close and seemed to leave the little black one out, although they never fought atall. For instance, would lie down together side by side, whilst the black one would be on the other side of the hutch alone.

Would rabbits be able to tell if another had something wrong with it, like dogs can? Hence the leaving him out.
Maybe something he had wrong with him all along?

Obviously my sister is very worried that it was something that was eaten in the garden, but as i said there is just one small bush in the garden and the rest is grass.

We have been told it could have been the stress of the move?
But if that was the case, couldn't this be said about any rabbit moving to its new home for the first time?

Poor little guy :frown:

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Had he been on grass before, or was it just after the move he has been allowed? If he has been allowed to eat as much as he wants suddenly and he hadn't been introduced to it before, it could well have caused bloat in his belly(I think it can kill them, not sure)
She needs to be careful what she lets them eat while they are small. I have 2 babies at the moment, and they are having small amounts of greens and carrots so far, and I am introducing things slowly, they have had tiny amounts of grass.

Its possible there was something wrong with him if the others left him out, I think they know, but more likely is that they have a much stonger bond and didnt want another male laying with them just yet.

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